TeamBoard ProScheduler vs TimePlanner for Jira: Which fits you best? 

TeamBoard Solution | What's the difference between ProScheduler and TimePlanner

Effective scheduling and time management are crucial for any project team. TeamBoard offers two powerful Jira apps to address these needs: ProScheduler and TimePlanner. While ProScheduler excels in resource allocation and project management, TimePlanner focuses on capacity planning, time tracking, and team availability tracking.

In this article, we’ll compare the key features, pros, and cons of both apps to help you decide which one is the best fit for your team.

ProScheduler Vs. TimePlanner: Overview

TeamBoard for Jira by DevSamurai is a suite of powerful applications designed to enhance productivity and project management within the Jira platform. Developed to cater to diverse project management needs, TeamBoard solutions help teams plan, track, and manage their work more efficiently.

Teamboard offers a variety of features and functionalities that can help teams stay organized and on top of their tasks and projects. Two standout tools in the TeamBoard suite are TeamBoard ProScheduler and TeamBoard TimePlanner. But what exactly is the difference between these two apps?

1. What is TeamBoard ProScheduler?

TeamBoard ProScheduler is a robust project and portfolio management app for Jira, designed to streamline the management of projects, programs, and resources. It offers features such as Gantt charts, task scheduling, workload management, timelines, project/portfolio calendars, and time tracking. These tools empower teams to visualize project timelines, balance workloads, organize tasks, track time, and mitigate risks, ensuring efficient and successful project execution.

TeamBoard ProScheduler applisting

2. What is TeamBoard TimePlanner?

TeamBoard TimePlanner is a comprehensive resource management and time-tracking solution for Jira. It optimizes capacity planning, tracks project resources, and ensures effective time management, timesheets, and work logging. In addition to its core features, TimePlanner excels in project cost management, allowing teams to monitor expenses in real time for more effective financial oversight.

teamboard timeplanner app listing

Similarities between ProScheduler vs TimePlanner

TeamBoard ProScheduler and TimePlanner share several similarities as they are both designed to enhance project and resource management within Jira. Here are the key similarities:

1. Task Management: 

  • Planning in Schedule Board: Both ProScheduler and TimePlanner provide an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily assign, adjust, and manage tasks directly on the scheduler board. This feature simplifies task management by enabling quick changes and visual clarity on task assignments.
  • Multiple Assignee Tasks: They enable users to assign tasks to multiple team members to foster collaboration and leverage diverse expertise for faster, more efficient task resolution.

Schedule board of TeamBoard

2. Workload Management: 

Both tools offer comprehensive workload management features that track the tasks assigned to each team member. They provide visual indicators of workload distribution, helping project managers to identify over-allocated or underutilized resources and adjust assignments accordingly.

Workload overview for jira capacity planning

3. Time Tracking, Time Logging

Both applications allow team members to log the time they spend on each task, providing accurate tracking of work hours, and timesheet approvals. This helps in monitoring project progress and identifying tasks that are taking more time than estimated.

Time Tracking - Time logging

4. Holiday Scheme:

ProScheduler and TimePlanner include a holiday calendar feature that integrates public holidays and individual leave schedules into the planning process. This ensures that task assignments take into account team members’ availability, avoiding scheduling conflicts during holidays or personal leave days.

5. Reporting:

Both plugins come with robust reporting capabilities that allow users to generate detailed reports on various aspects of project and resource management. These reports can cover areas such as resource utilization, project progress, time spent on tasks, and workload distribution.

Difference between ProScheduler vs TimePlaner: Features

1. TeamBoard ProScheduler


TeamBoard ProScheduler

WBS Gantt chart
  • Visualize project timelines, track progress, and adjust plans with custom hierarchy and advanced Gantt chart features like baseline and critical path analysis.
  • Use interactive timelines to visualize project timelines, track progress, and adjust plans with ease, incorporating Jira’s hierarchy for structured organization.
Program Management
  • Manage multiple projects and resources on a single board.
Dependency and Autoscheduling
  • Utilizing dependency tracking and autoscheduling to optimize project execution and ensure timely delivery.
Project/ Portfolio Calendar
  • Manage project/portfolio with integrated calendars to track key dates and deadlines, ensuring all projects stay on schedule.

2. TeamBoard TimePlanner


TeamBoard TimePlanner

Resource Profile Management
  • Manage a detailed profile interface catering to specific roles, departments, and skill sets of resources.
Client Management
  • Create and maintain detailed profiles for each client
  • Enable clients to collaborate on tasks and projects
Team Grouping
  • Easily categorize members into specific teams based on their responsibilities
  • Grant team leaders special permissions to oversee their team’s activities and team’s timesheets
Time logging & Timesheet workflow 
  • Empower users to conveniently log the duration spent on specific tasks or events
  • Create a timesheet approval workflow for the manager  
Billable Hours Tracking

& Cost tracking

  • Enable users to accurately track the time spent on billable tasks and projects
Billing Rate Management

& Cost Reporting

  • Support multiple rate structures based on different criteria such as project type, client, or resource role
  • Detailed reports comparing actual costs against scheduled costs 
Customizable Dashboard
  • Personalize your dashboard to display key metrics that matter most to you.

ProScheduler Vs. TimePlanner: Pros and Cons

Understanding these pros and cons is essential for determining which plugin best fits your team’s requirements, ensuring you select the one that enhances your project management efficiency.

Let’s delve into comparison to highlight the unique benefits each plugin provides and the potential limitations you should consider.




  • Excellent for managing resources across multiple projects.
  • Offers Gantt charts, timelines, and calendar views for clear project visualization.
  • Accurate time tracking spent on tasks and projects and in-depth timesheet workflow
  • Cost tracking integration
  • Customizable dashboard


  • No cost tracking and financial management.
  • Lack of timesheet approval
  • Lack of Gantt chart and timeline features.
  • Lack of project-level scheduling

ProScheduler Vs. TimePlanner: Which one is for your team? 

  • TeamBoard ProScheduler: is ideal for teams that require comprehensive resource planning and project portfolio management across multiple projects. It offers powerful visualization tools such as Gantt charts, timelines, and calendar views, enabling managers to effectively plan, track, and allocate resources.
  • TeamBoard TimePlanner: is an excellent solution for resource capacity planning, team management, time tracking, and cost tracking within Jira. This makes it an excellent tool for both managers and teams who need to monitor time and expenses closely, ensuring effective time tracking and work logging.

Final words

Overall, ProScheduler is focused on resource planning and project management, whereas TimePlanner is focused on team management and capacity planning. ProScheduler helps to manage the schedule and workload of projects and programs. Otherwise, TimePlanner helps managers manage their team’s resources, time tracking, timesheets and visualize workload, 

Both features work together to provide a comprehensive solution for managing resources and projects in Jira.

To learn more about Teamboard, visit the Teamboard page and check out Proscheduler and TimePlanner on Atlassian’s Marketplace.

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