TeamBoard for Pricing

Number of Users
Monthly Price
Up to 3 seats
Up to 10 seats
USD 50
Up to 15 seats
USD 75
Up to 25 seats
USD 100
Up to 30 seats
USD 120
Up to 50 seats
USD 150
Up to 75 seats
USD 225
Up to 100 seats
USD 250
Up to 200 seats
USD 400
USD 500

Pricing FAQ

Can I extend my evaluation?

No for Jira Cloud
For Jira Server and Data Center, you can extend 5 times

How can I pay, yearly or monthly?

Server and Data Center can only be purchased yearly.

I don’t have many users need resource planning, why do I pay per user?

Not exactly pay per user. According to Atlassian policy, you pay the pricing tier you fall into. Example for the server version if you have 25 users you pay the pricing tier for 25 users (11-25 users). But add one more user, which makes your total 26, and you pay the pricing tier for 50 users (26-50 users).

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