Gantt Chart for Jira with TeamBoard

Streamline Your Project Management with TeamBoard’s Gantt Charts

Visual Project Planning

  • Easily create, view, and manage your project plans with interactive WBS Gantt charts.
  • Drag and drop tasks, set dependencies, and adjust timelines effortlessly.
WBS Gantt Chart
Dependency Management

Dependency Management

  • Identify and manage task dependencies to ensure your project flows smoothly.
  • Adjust timelines dynamically to reflect changes in project scope or schedule.

Milestone Tracking

  • Set and track important project milestones.
  • Keep your team focused on critical deliverables and ensure you hit your project targets.
Milestone Tracking
Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring

  • Track task progress in real-time.
  • Use color-coded indicators to quickly assess the status of your project and make informed decisions.

Baseline Comparison

  • Establish project baselines to compare planned vs. actual progress.
  • Identify deviations from your original plan and take corrective actions to keep your project on track.
Baseline Comparison
Critical Path

Critical Path

  • Identify the critical path in your project to focus on tasks that directly impact your project completion date.
  • Ensure timely delivery by managing critical tasks effectively.
Key Features

Project Baselines

Set and visualize project baselines in TeamBoard ProScheduler. This feature allows you to compare current progress against original plans.

Visualize Dependencies

Easily identify and manage task dependencies. Integrated with Jira, link issues directly, streamlining your workflow. Ensuring tasks are completed in the correct order.

Identify the Critical Path

Highlight your project’s critical path with ease. This crucial feature enables you to focus on tasks. Prioritizing resources to maintain project milestones.


Clearly define and visualize project milestones. This function is key for tracking significant achievements.

Detail with Issue Tables

Leverage detailed issue tables to keep all project information at your fingertips. These tables provide a comprehensive overview of each task, including statuses, assignees, and deadlines.

Track Project Progress

Monitor your project’s progress with dynamic updates. This feature gives a real-time view of how your project is advancing.

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