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Your One-Stop Solution for Project Management, Resource Planning, WBS Gantt Charts, Time Tracking, and Timesheets
project management, resource planning, time tracking for jira

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TeamBoard ProScheduler for Jira

Project Management, Resource Planning, Gantt Chart for Jira

Top-rated capacity planning solution for projects, programs, and portfolios. Project management, tempo, structure timeline, WBS Gantt chart & risk management for Jira.

  • Resource Planning
  • WBS Gantt Chart & Timeline
  • Time Tracking & Workload
  • Report & Dashboard
  • Project Risk Management
Resource Planning, Project Management, Gantt Chart for Jira
Project management, Time Tracking, Timesheets, Capacity Planning & Cost for Jira
TeamBoard TimePlanner for Jira

Resource Capacity, Time Tracking & Timesheets for Jira

Resource Management, Team Management, Time Tracking, Timesheets, and Cost Tracking for Jira

  • Profile Management
  • Task Planning
  • Team Collaboration
  • Timelog, Timesheets
  • Leave, Event Planning
  • Invoicing, and Billable Hours Tracking
  • Client Management
TeamBoard for monday.com

Resource Planning and Time Tracking for monday.com

Resource management, capacity planning, and reports for teams to visualize projects and time management.

  • Resource Planning with ease
  • Workload Distribution
  • Time Tracking & Timesheets
Project Management, Resource Planning and Time Tracking for monday.com
TeamBoard for Salesforce
TeamBoard for Salesforce

Project and Resource Management for Salesforce

Manage work and Plan resources seamlessly, Track and Report for Salesforce

  • Work Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Track & Report

TeamBoard Features

Project management

The project management feature helps managers in overseeing their projects effectively.

Resource Planning

Resource Planning feature help managers in optimizing their workforce and asset allocation.

WBS Gantt Chart

WBS Gantt Chart facilitating project visualization and timeline tracking for managers.

Time Tracking, TimeSheets

Time Tracking, TimeSheets allow managers to monitor hours spent on tasks accurately.

Cost Management

Cost Management enables managers to oversee and control project budgets efficiently.


Additional features such as leave and vacation management, risk management, detailed issue tables, workload distribution, comprehensive reporting, teamboard, scheduling,…

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Integrates with Multiple Platforms

Integrates seamlessly with Atlassian, monday.com, and Salesforce environments and offers a centralized platform for managing tasks, projects, and resources effectively.

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