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Resource Planning for Jira

Efficiently manage your team’s workload and resources with our powerful Resource Planning for Jira solution. Plan, allocate, and track resources across multiple projects.
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Optimize Your Workflow with Resource Planning for Jira

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Resource Capacity Planning

Allocate and manage resources effectively across projects

Time Tracking & Timesheets

Track time spent on tasks and generate detailed timesheets

Manage Profile & Leave Request

Manage leave requests and integrate them into resource planning

Customizable Views

Visualize resource allocation with customizable calendar

How TeamBoard Revolutionizes Resource Planning in Jira?

Program and project management for Jira

Real-Time Availability Tracking

Track team members’ availability in real time to make informed planning decisions. This feature enables you to see who is available for new tasks and who is currently occupied, allowing for better resource planning.

Leave and Event Management

Incorporate leave requests and events into your resource planning to ensure accurate scheduling and availability tracking. By considering planned absences and events, TeamBoard ensures that your resource planning remains accurate and up-to-date, minimizing disruptions to your projects.

Task Management for Jira
Project timeline management for Jira

Detailed Tracking and Reporting

Track resource usage with detailed reports, helping you make informed decisions and improve future planning. TeamBoard provides comprehensive insights into resource allocation and utilization, enabling you to optimize your planning processes.

Integrates with Multiple Platforms

Integrates seamlessly with Atlassian,, and Salesforce environments and offers a centralized platform for managing tasks, projects, and resources effectively.

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