Cost Tracking for Jira

Boost Cost Management for Jira with TeamBoard TimePlanner, streamlining Resource Rate Management, tracking Billable Hours, and enhancing Project Cost Reporting.

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Billing Rate Management

Our Rates Management feature lets you easily control billing rates for individual resources, groups, or entire projects and portfolios.

  • Individual-Resource Rate
  • Group Resource Rate
  • Project/Portfolio Rate

Project Cost Planning

Specify cost management for Jira while planning tasks and assigning resources, bringing more accuracy and clarity to your project budget.

  • Task-based Cost Planning
  • Resource-based Cost Planning
  • Billable / Non-billable Hours Tracking
cost planning in the cost management in jira
cost reporting in cost management for jira

Billing, Invoicing & Cost Reporting

TimePlanner offers detailed cost reports giving you insights into your spending patterns for individuals, teams, clients, or entire projects.

  • Actual & Scheduled Costs
  • Individual & Team Cost Reporting
  • Project Cost Management for Jira
  • Invoicing Clients

Integrate with Jira

Integrates seamlessly with Jira environments and offers a centralized platform for managing tasks, projects, and resources effectively.


Additional TeamBoard TimePlanner's Features

Event / Vacation Planing

Leverage the capacities of resource management for Jira to empower teams in scheduling non-project activities

Sync with Jira Estimations

Ensuring alignment between planned and actual time spent on tasks for enhanced project management.

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Real-time Tracking

Access real-time reports on time usage to monitor productivity and make informed decisions promptly.

Permission Management

Control access to client data and system functionalities, ensuring data security and compliance with role-based access controls.

Custom Dashboard

Allow users to customize the dashboard layout and data components to reflect what matters most to them.


Additional features include leave and vacation management, risk management, workload distribution, comprehensive reporting, team boards, and scheduling,…

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