TeamBoard ProScheduler for Jira

All-in-One solution for Project Portfolio Management and Resource Planning for Jira

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A Bird’s Eye View of Project_Program_Portfolio

A Bird’s Eye View of Project/Program/Portfolio

TeamBoard- project portfolio management for Jira can plan in hours, days, weeks to months.

You will easily see the gaps in your production and be able to be proactive in solving scheduling conflicts and scheduling in new business.

  • Quick Drag and Drop Interface
  • Public Holidays, Events
  • Task Planning based on Workload
  • Zoom Views
  • Sick & Vacation Days

Easy Resource Planning

Easily assign tasks and projects based on the capacity hours and availability of employees

  • Drag & drop and resize card to plan
  • Assign tasks to multiple assignees
  • Set capacity hours for specific members
  • Plan for holidays, events, and days off
  • Generate reports for members and teams
Easy Resource Planning
Workload Management

Workload Management

Visualize and analyze the workload of each team member to ensure a balanced distribution and identify potential bottlenecks.

  • Show overdue issues
  • Workload view by hour or by percentage
  • Avoid burnout and underutilization.
  • Calculate based on capacity and scheduled hours
  • Generate reports for members and teams

Timeline and Gantt Chart

Set milestones, establish baselines, tasks dependencies, identify critical paths, and enable auto-scheduling for projects.

  • Task Dependencies, Task progress
  • Custom hierarchy
  • Issue Table Detail
  • Baseline, milestone, critical path
  • Show overdue issues
Timeline and Gantt Chart
Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Monitor how much time is allocated to specific tasks with time spent. Ensuring resources aren’t over or under-utilized.

  • Log time in ProScheduler board
  • Log time in issue details
  • Sync with Jira estimation fields
  • Sync with Jira worklogs
  • Compare capacity hours, scheduled hours, and time spent in reports

Project/Portfolio Calendar

A comprehensive overview of all your tasks, including events, holidays, and days off, in one unified place.

  • A Closer Look at Your Schedule
  • Drag and drop tasks to schedule
  • Auto-sync Across Schedule Boards and Gantt Board
  • Export your tasks to ICS feed
  • Customized and orderly view
Calendar View

Integrate with Jira

Integrates seamlessly with Atlassian environments and offers a centralized platform for managing tasks, projects, and resources effectively.


TeamBoard for Jira Features

Project management

Project management empowers managers to oversee their projects effectively.

Resource Planning

Resource Planning helps managers optimize their workforce and workload distribution.

kanban icon

WBS Gantt Chart

WBS Gantt Chart facilitating project visualization and timeline tracking for managers.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking lets managers monitor hours spent on tasks accurately.

Portfolio Management

Program Board allows managers to track multiple project progress and manage resources efficiently.


Additional features include calendar view, risk management, workload distribution, comprehensive reporting, team boards, and scheduling,…

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