TeamBoard TimePlanner for Jira

Elevate team efficiency with TeamBoard TimePlanner for Jira solutions that boost productivity, track time, and optimize resources.

teamboard timeplanner for jira - resource management

Profile Management

TeamBoard TimePlanner for Jira provides a detailed profile interface that caters to specific roles, technical skills, and working experience.

Resource Capacity Planning

A specialized tool for resource planning, scheduling team members, and optimizing resource allocation within Jira

  • Drag-and-drop Scheduler
  • Workload Overview
  • Event and Vacation Planning
teamboard timeplanner for jira - capacity planning
teamboard timeplanner for jira - time management

Time Tracking, Timesheets

Offer a comprehensive time-tracking, timesheet workflow seamlessly integrated with Jira. Empower teams to track actual time spent on projects.

  • Effortless Hour Logging
  • Timesheet Approval Workflow
  • Stopwatch Timer for Time Tracking

Team Management

TeamBoard TimePlanner provides an exceptional tool designed to enhance team management and collaboration.

  • Team Grouping
  • Team Scheduling
  • Team’s Timesheets
teamboard timeplanner for jira - team management
cost reporting in cost management for jira

Billing, Invoicing & Cost Tracking

TeamBoard TimePlanner offers functionality to manage billing, invoicing clients, and tracking project costs efficiently.

  • Billable Hours Tracking
  • Team & Project Budget Management
  • Invoicing Clients
  • Billing Rate Management
  • Cost Reports
  • Opex / Capex Management (coming)

Integrate with Jira

Integrates seamlessly with Jira environments and offers a centralized platform for managing tasks, projects, and resources effectively.


Additional TeamBoard TimePlanner's Features

Event / Vacation Planing

Leverage the capacities of resource management for Jira to empower teams in scheduling non-project activities

Sync with Jira Estimations

Ensuring alignment between planned and actual time spent on tasks for enhanced project management.

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Real-time Tracking

Access real-time reports on time usage to monitor productivity and make informed decisions promptly.

Permission Management

Control access to client data and system functionalities, ensuring data security and compliance with role-based access controls.

Custom Dashboard

Allow users to customize the dashboard layout and data components to reflect what matters most to them.


Additional features include leave and vacation management, risk management, workload distribution, comprehensive reporting, team boards, and scheduling,…

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