Portfolio Project Management for monday.com

Optimize Portfolio Project Management with an intuitive Gantt chart on monday.com
Gantt Chart view for monday.com

Advanced Gantt Chart Views

With Portfolio Project Management for monday.com, users have the flexibility to customize the Gantt Chart view by day, week, or month to meet their specific requirements.

  • Simplified Task Planning: Effortlessly add and organize subtasks directly within the Gantt Chart using drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Customizable Display Options: Seamlessly modify colors based on task status or group tasks to efficiently monitor progress.

Streamline Portfolio Management

Streamline project organization for efficient management with PPM for monday.com

  • Effortlessly oversee multiple projects concurrently: Ensuring each project aligns with your overarching portfolio objectives in a cohesive view.
  • Cross-Project Coordination: Attain flawless synchronization across all projects. Easily align milestones and resources to guarantee smooth operations.

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Establish Project Baselines and Milestones

Easily Establish Project Baselines and Milestones

Enhance time management across your portfolio and projects on monday.com with features designed to outline task timelines effectively. Portfolio Project Management for monday.com

  • Milestones within the Gantt Chart: Highlight critical milestones in portfolio project management to pinpoint significant tasks and monitor timely project completion.
  • Identify your Project Baseline: Evaluate and contrast your project’s progress using a consistent reference point to evaluate progress over time.

Auto-Scheduling & Dependency Management

Efficiently manage tasks with automatic scheduling and effortless dependency management.

  • Automatic Scheduling: Create and coordinate tasks sequentially to reduce common mistakes, like breaking task order constraints.
  • Dependency Management: Connect tasks to display their interdependencies, making the execution sequence clear. We offer dependency types to define task relationships uniquely.
Mastering Dependency Management

Integrate with monday.com

Integrates with other aspects of monday.com, such as People,
Timelines, Task management, and provide a holistic view of projects and resources.

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TeamBoard for monday.com Features


Pinpoint crucial milestones to monitor team performance effectively.

Critical Path

Oversee the essential sequence of tasks required for project completion.


Streamline task timelines automatically for optimal project flow.


Organize and manage tasks in a coherent order for smoother execution.


Track progress and modifications throughout the project lifecycle.

Gantt Chart Views

Customize your Gantt chart settings for simplified progress tracking.

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