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Hello Monday users and enthusiasts! We are excited to roll out the latest version of TeamBoard Resource Planning for After gathering feedback and working diligently, we present you with Version 4.0.0. Let’s dive into the fresh features and improvements.

New Features:

New Feature: Time Tracking | Teamboard For monday com | Oct 2023

1. Time Tracking 🕒

  • What it does: Time Tracking offers an efficient way for users to keep tabs on the time invested in different tasks, projects, or activities.
  • Why it matters: Properly understanding where your time goes can pave the way for better productivity and optimized resource management. Now, say goodbye to guesswork and embrace precision!


2. Select Multiple Items 📋

  • What it does: This feature is all about power in numbers. Users can now seamlessly select and handle several items at once.
  • Why it matters: Streamlining operations is the name of the game. With the ability to bulk unplan, shift, and reorganize tasks, users can manage their workflow more effectively and reduce manual effort.


Select Multiple Items

3. Work Hour Format ⏲️

  • What it does: Choose how you want your hour values displayed. Go for the ‘hours’ option for a collective total per item or delve into details with the ‘hours/day’ feature.
  • Why it matters: Everyone processes information differently. By offering an adjustable hour format, we cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a clearer and more personalized view of your timeline.


Work Hour Format


  1. Correct excluding weekends: We’ve addressed concerns and now offer the option to correctly exclude weekends from your planning, ensuring your workdays are rightly reflected.
  2. Highlight cell when hovering: Elevate your user experience. Cells now light up when hovered over, making navigation smoother and more intuitive.
  3. Correct the members filter on the schedule board: There were some hiccups with the members filter on the schedule board. We’re pleased to report that this has been rectified, leading to more accurate member filtering and planning.

In conclusion, our Version 4.0.0 is designed to enhance your user experience, introduce innovative features, and smooth out any existing wrinkles. We hope you enjoy these new upgrades as much as we enjoyed crafting them for you.


Happy planning with TeamBoard Resource Planning for!

Use Case: Elevating Project Management in Jira with TeamBoard
Version 1.4.57-AC – TeamBoard ProScheduler for Jira (Cloud Edition)

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