TeamBoard TimePlanner V1.3.1-AC for Jira

V1.3.1 - AC update

🎄Tis’ the season for productivity delight! We’re thrilled to introduce the new release of TeamBoard TimePlanner v1.3.1-AC for Jira Cloud Edition, packed with a sleigh-full of fresh features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Elevate your time management experience with this festive surprise! 🎁

Let’s unwrap the present and explore what this release has in store for you.

🔔 Jingle All the Way: What’s New in V1.3.1

1. Hierarchy View in Reports 

This version will allow users to gain deeper insights of all work log into your projects, authors, and issues with the new hierarchy view in reports. By providing this hierarchical view, we aim to enhance the user experience and enable more efficient project management.

To access the hierarchy view, go to the TeamBoard TimePlanner Reports and click on Hierarchy view.

TeamBoard TimePlanner - Dashboard - Hierarchy View

With this feature, managers can effortlessly track progress across different projects and team members. Be it deadlines, responsible persons, or progress status, you have the power to display the most critical information.

Show Scheduled” allows users to compare logged time against scheduled time, offering valuable insights into project progress and time management efficiency.  

Timeplanner new feature v1.3.1

You can now navigate through the reports with ease, gaining valuable insights into project performance and individual contributions.

2.Improved Leave Request Process

This festive season, our gift to you includes smoother workflows, clearer insights, and more efficient workload management:

  • Individual Day Requests: Each day now has separate requests, empowering managers to approve or reject individual days off, offering greater flexibility in managing workforce availability

Improved Leave Request Process - TimePlanner v1.3.1

  • Support for Handling Multiple Requests: Managers can handle multiple leave requests together—approving, rejecting, or canceling them in groups
  • Support for Notes: Approvers can now add notes when rejecting leave, fostering better understanding and clear communication between managers and employees.

Support for notes - TimePlanner v1.3.1

🎁 More Goodies: Other Notable Enhancements

In addition, TeamBoard TimePlanner 1.3.1 brings several other enhancements to further elevate your workforce management capabilities:

1.New Enhancements:

  • Notes Before Rejecting Leave: Now, you can include notes when rejecting leave requests, improving communication.
  • Timelog Filtering in Reports: Filter reports by accepted, rejected, or pending Timelogs for clearer insights.
  • JQL Filter Addition: Added Jira Query Language filter for better customization.
  • UI Improvements: Enjoy a more polished and user-friendly interface.

2. Bug Improvements:

  • Scheduler Board Accuracy: Resolved issues displaying incorrect events with applied filters.
  • Cost UI Responsiveness: Fixed UI responsiveness concerns in the Cost section.
  • Schedule Tab Correction: Addressed inaccuracies in the number of weeks displayed in the Schedule tab.
  • Filter Responsiveness: Filters now immediately respond after a Search click.
  • Issue Planning Corrections: Directly planned board issues now accurately count as planned.
  • Minor UI Fixes: Various minor UI issues have been rectified for a smoother experience.

At TeamBoard, we believe in gifting you the tools to make your workdays merrier. So, unwrap this update, toast to a more organized and efficient holiday season, and let’s sleigh your time management goals together!

Update to TeamBoard TimePlanner v1.3.1 now and discover the magic of seamless time management this Christmas. Thank you for being part of our joyful journey towards productivity! 🎅🎄✨

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