Best Time Tracking Integrations with Jira 2023

Managing tasks and keeping track of project timelines is crucial for any successful business. Enter Jira – a leading project management tool used by teams worldwide to plan, track, and release top-notch software. What sets Jira apart is its compatibility with a range of add-ons, allowing users to customize their experience as per their specific requirements.

One such customization comes in the form of Time Tracking integrations, which enable teams to accurately record time spent on tasks, facilitating precise budgeting, forecasting, and productivity enhancement. This blog post aims to highlight the best time-tracking integrations with Jira for 2023, with special attention to TeamBoard TimePlanner, an up-and-coming integration that marries time tracking, timesheet management, resource planning, and cost control in one powerful package.

Best Time Tracking Integrations with Jira 2023

What is Time Tracking

Time tracking is the process of documenting and quantifying the amount of time an individual or team spends on tasks. This process can be carried out manually or digitally through specialized time tracking software. Time tracking is crucial in several fields and professions, especially those that bill by the hour. However, it is also beneficial in general productivity and project management scenarios, as it provides valuable insights into work habits, aids in workload management, enables precise cost calculation, and promotes efficient use of time.

Example: Software Development Team: A software development team is working on creating a new application. They use a time tracking integration within their project management tool (like Jira) to log the time spent on different tasks, such as coding, debugging, and testing. This helps them identify areas that are consuming more time than expected, allowing them to adjust their process and improve efficiency.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Time Tracking Integration

Choosing the right time tracking integration is crucial. Here are a few factors that can guide this decision:

  • Compatibility with Jira: The integration must work seamlessly with Jira, avoiding disruptions to the workflow.
  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface reduces the learning curve and promotes quick adoption by the team.
  • Features Offered: Look for features like automated time tracking, detailed reports, resource planning, and timesheet management.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: An ideal integration should offer a good balance between its cost and the value it provides.

Best Time Tracking Integrations with Jira 2023

Among the various options available, we’ve shortlisted the five best time tracking integrations for Jira in 2023, leading with TeamBoard TimePlanner.

  1. TeamBoard TimePlanner


TeamBoard TimePlanner is a tool that provides an array of functionalities, including time tracking, timesheet management, resource planning, and cost control. It is designed to integrate smoothly with Jira, enhancing the capabilities of the platform significantly.

Key Features: It offers real-time time tracking, automated timesheets, flexible resource planning, and cost tracking features. Moreover, it presents these data points in intuitive, easy-to-understand visual formats.

Benefits and Drawbacks: The primary benefit of TeamBoard TimePlanner is its multifunctional nature, allowing users to access a range of features from a single platform. However, the sheer number of features may seem overwhelming to new users.

  1. Tempo Timesheets


Tempo Timesheets is a reliable and popular time tracking tool in the Jira ecosystem. It allows for flexible time logging, offers detailed reports, and supports planning and budgeting. Its timesheet approval process is particularly liked by managers.

  1. WorklogPRO


WorklogPRO offers efficient time tracking and reporting for Jira. Its features include automated time logging, detailed worklog history, and real-time reports. It also allows users to submit their worklogs for approval, helping maintain transparency and accuracy.

  1. BigPicture


While BigPicture is more of a project management app, it offers solid time-tracking features, including Gantt charts, resource allocation, and a roadmap view. It provides teams with a visual representation of their work and helps in managing project timelines effectively.

  1. Log Work for Jira

Log Work for Jira

Log Work is a straightforward and user-friendly time-tracking tool. It enables users to log work directly from Jira issues, supports bulk log work for multiple issues, and offers clear, detailed reports. It’s known for its simplicity and ease of use.

TeamBoard TimePlanner: A Closer Look

As we delve deeper into TeamBoard TimePlanner, it is important to appreciate the multifaceted nature of this time-tracking integration. It goes beyond simple time logging, incorporating features that allow for comprehensive project and resource management.

TeamBoard TimePlanner

Time Tracking and Timesheets


TeamBoard TimePlanner stands out with its real-time tracking feature that allows teams to record the time spent on tasks accurately. It simplifies the process of logging hours, fostering transparency, and ensuring accurate time records. Automated timesheets further enhance this function by reducing manual entry and associated errors. The system updates timesheets automatically as team members log their hours.

Resource Planning

TeamBoard TimePlanner is designed with effective resource management in mind. Its resource planning features allow project managers to view resource allocation and availability in a comprehensive manner. This tool helps you to avoid over or underutilization of resources by letting you plan tasks based on your team’s capacity.

Cost Control

Cost management is a critical aspect of any project, and TeamBoard TimePlanner understands that. Its cost-tracking feature enables real-time tracking of project expenses, facilitating efficient budget management. You can compare your costs against your budget at any stage of the project, ensuring you’re always in control of your finances.

Visual Representation

What sets TeamBoard TimePlanner apart from many of its counterparts is its visually appealing and intuitive presentation of data. This tool incorporates graphical representations like charts and graphs, making it easy to understand project timelines, resource allocations, and cost structures at a glance.

Integration and User Support

TeamBoard TimePlanner is designed to integrate smoothly with Jira, which means you can leverage its functionalities without leaving your familiar work environment. Additionally, the tool provides a comprehensive user guide and responsive customer support to help you navigate its features and resolve any issues.

While it may take a bit of time to get acquainted with its broad range of features, TeamBoard TimePlanner proves to be a valuable tool for any team that prioritizes effective time tracking, resource management, and cost control in their projects.

In conclusion, all these tools have their unique strengths, and the best one for you depends on your specific requirements, budget, and team size. Make sure to thoroughly evaluate each option before deciding.

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