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 Virtual Collaboration Tools for Teams in 2022

Why Use Virtual Collaboration Tools?

No matter the size of your business, efficient teamwork is essential for it to run like a well-oiled machine. In addition, the covid pandemic took businesses by storm, with people not allowed to share office spaces.

The introduction of collaboration tools for virtual teams saved the day by allowing employees to communicate remotely, so their work organizations weren’t adversely affected. Though the offices have opened back up, virtual team collaboration tools are still very much in trend for making work more efficient.

virtual collaboration tools

We’ve saved you the work and compiled some must-have virtual collaboration tools to get your business booming.

Best Project Management Tool

Project management tools are designed to enable efficient coordination and communication between distributed team members to deliver high-quality products. The use of such tools within a virtual team allows effective resource planning in project management.

  • ProScheduler

Pro scheduler lets you take your team management to the next level with its Resource Planning, Gantt chart, and Timeline in Jira features. Additionally, you can easily schedule tasks for your team through a scheduler board which allows you to adjust the tasks as you see fit.

The board gives you a birds-eye view of the team’s current capacity and the hours it actually took for them to complete the tasks. With ProScheduler, you can also avoid and solve any scheduling conflicts for a smoother workflow and better output.

Best Time Management Tool

Time is money. So, if you haven’t quite mastered the time management aspect of your business, this virtual tool is for you.

  • TimePlanner

The Team board TimePlanner will automate your planning and streamline your scheduling by proper time tracking of everything related to your team. This also includes the time scheduled for their tasks, leaves, hourly pay, etc.

Team members can make individual profiles and set daily tasks using the software. The tool also generates reports and time logs for each member. In addition, the tool allows you to manage multiple teams at once and easily update your client management.

Best Communication Tool

Virtual collaboration tools for communication prevent communication gaps between team members and avoid the overlapping of tasks.

  • Slack

Slack is the tool currently in trend as the collaboration software for teams who need constant communication. Also, the software’s instant messaging feature is perfect for teams of all sizes to instantly share ideas and comments.

Minor issues that don’t warrant meetings and video conferences to be addressed can easily be solved through Slack. So, if you’re in a business needing constant and quick communication with your team at all times, this is one of the best virtual team collaboration tools out there.

Best Video Conferencing Tool

Video conferencing is the new norm for interviews, meetings, and collaborating with international companies. However, a good video conference tool is one with a fantastic display and minimal connection issues.

  • Zoom

Among all the virtual collaboration tools, Zoom needs no introduction. It was considered a Godsend during the pandemic for businesses, schools, startups; you name it. Its easy-to-use interface and ability to accommodate 500 participants in a single meeting set it apart from other conferencing tools.

In the UK, 1.7 million people were found to be active users of Zoom every day towards the end of November 2020.

  • Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of those virtual collaboration tools which allows you to schedule and join meetings through a calendar with alerts as reminders. Its capacity is 25 participants in a meeting with additional features of screen sharing, instant messaging, and meeting recording.

This tool is especially beneficial for startups with a smaller workforce wanting to capitalize on free collaboration tools.

Best Cloud Storage Tool

Sharing documentation among all team members through a hassle-free method is essential for virtual teams. With almost all businesses trading their paper-kept records for digital ones, cloud storage tools are all the rage.

  • Dropbox

The number of paying users of Dropbox was 16.79 million in 2021.

Its popularity stemmed from its user-friendly interface and efficient features of backing up desktop folders. Team members can access the shared documentation anywhere in the world on any device and make real-time edits and comments to the documents.

In addition, this tool supports smart sync and its security system, and data protection procedures are top-notch.

Best White Board Tool

Brainstorming is the most effective method when it comes to generating new ideas. This method may seem difficult to implement in virtual and remote teams, but it is possible with the right virtual collaboration tools.

  • LeanBoard

LeanBoard is a one-stop whiteboard tool for the effective collaboration of teams. Whether it’s product management or project execution, Leanboard facilitates the easiest and quickest real-time communication with an unparalleled ability to visualize customer journeys. On top of that, videos, images, notes, docs, or anything of any type can be shown over Leanboard— none-other whiteboard tool has this functionality.

Pre-installed templates further ease your working. You can even customize them according to your business needs. Additionally, it’s compatible with Kanban, Scrum, LESS, and many more.

LeanBoard is also ideal for;

  • Collaborating with teams to brainstorm ideas
  • Building a customized readily available workflow
  • Visualizing product journeys
  • Analyzing project progress
  • Matching progress with customer/user needs
  • Miro

Miro makes virtual brainstorming as effective as having team members on-site. You can also plan a project from all angles and explain complex processes through visual mapping and diagramming features.

In addition, it is one of those virtual collaboration tools which allows real-time commenting with post-it notes and simple navigation. You can even select among 50 templates according to the requirements of your team for a better workflow.


MURAL provides its users with an easy-to-use digital canvas for teams to convert their fresh ideas into flowcharts, mindmaps, sticky notes, storyboards, etc. This platform is also very famous among virtual collaboration tools for allowing users to customize their sessions according to their requirements.

MURAL supports adding GIFS and stickers to your work and also has features for video, audio, and chat messaging. With its unlimited workspaces and team member activity analytics, MURAL is a must-have for your virtual team.

Best Employee Experience Tool

As more and more companies shift towards hybrid and remote work, they are looking for tools to help boost employee engagement.

Litespace is a great tool for this purpose. It is an all-in-one employee experience platform that helps teams host coffee chats, create team events, and facilitate community building.

Final Word

The world is advancing and adapting itself to the era of technology. A firm grasp on tools for virtual teams is not only the need of the hour but also a means to a smoother workflow.

Businesses need to incorporate these tools into their team management strategies to get ahead of their competitors. With work now not being limited to office spaces, the sky is the limit with opportunities. So make sure you have every aspect of your virtual team management covered with optimal virtual collaboration tools.

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