TeamBoard ProScheduler V1.4.66-AC – Jira Cloud Version

We’re excited to present TeamBoard ProScheduler V1.4.66-AC! This release includes game-changing features, crucial improvements, and important bug fixes to help you manage your projects more effectively.

🚀 New Features

1. Customize Lead Time/Lag Time for Dependencies:

With the new customizable lead time and lag time for dependencies, you can fine-tune task relationships to match your project’s unique scheduling needs. Adjust these settings easily when using auto-scheduling in the Gantt chart.

  • You can now directly adjust the lag time between tasks in the Gantt chart when auto-scheduling is ON.
  • Any changes will automatically apply across linked tasks, ensuring accurate scheduling and minimizing discrepancies.

Support adjusting the lag time in the Gantt chart when auto-scheduling is ON.

2. Multi-Level Data Hierarchy Reports:

  • Our new multi-level data hierarchy report feature lets you generate comprehensive reports that offer deep insights into your organization’s data.
  • Customize the levels to align with your project’s structure and organizational requirements.

Provide a multi-level data hierarchy report.

📈 Improvements

1. Issue Type Icon on Recommended Log Card:

  • Now, identify issues more quickly with the issue type icon displayed directly on the recommended log card.

2. Quickstart Panel:

  • Introduced a new Quickstart panel that helps new users get up to speed quickly, improving onboarding and initial setup.

3. Timestamps in Time Logs:

  • Time logs now include timestamps, giving you more accurate tracking of task durations and work hours.

4. Jira Date Field Mapping in the Program Board:

  • Map Jira date fields directly within the Program board, streamlining the process of aligning your schedules.

🛠️ Bug Fixes

1. Drag and Drop Issues to Calendar View:

  • Issues can now be dragged and dropped from the IssueBox to the Calendar view without any hassle.

2. Task Color Reset in Plan Updates:

  • Resolved the issue where updating plans on the right panel caused the task color to revert to default.

3. Critical Path Display:

  • Corrected inaccuracies in the critical path display.

4. IssueBox Filters:

  • Fixed filters in the IssueBox that were not functioning as expected.

5. “Hide Weekend Days” Feature:

  • Addressed issues with the “Hide weekend days” feature not working properly.

6. Recommended Card in Timelog Tab:

  • Resolved the problem of the recommended card disappearing in the Timelog tab.

7. Incorrect Time Log Date:

  • Fixed an issue where the time log card appeared on the wrong date.

8. Auto-Scheduling for Linked Issues:

  • Corrected the auto-scheduling feature when linked issues mapping was enabled.

9. Issue Filter in the Program Board:

  • Solved problems causing the issue filter to malfunction in the Program board.

10. Auto-Change Task Color:

  • Fixed the feature that automatically changes the color of all tasks with the same issue.

📚 Help Center

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Happy Scheduling!

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