TeamBoard ProScheduler for Jira

Jira Project Management. Moving from spreadsheet planning to TeamBoard was incredibly easy to set up & implement & roll-out

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Gantt chart, Timesheets, Resource Planning, Project Management for Jira

A Bird’s Eye View of Project/Program/Portfolio

Always have visibility into the companies resource schedule. TeamBoard Jira project management can plan in hours, days, weeks to months. You will easily see the gaps in your production and be able to be proactive in solving scheduling conflicts and scheduling in new business.

  • Quick Drag and Drop Interface
  • Public Holidays
  • Resolve Conflicts Easy
  • Zoom Views
  • Sick & Vacation Days

Simple Drag & Drop Scheduler

Manage team assignments effortlessly with TeamBoard’s drag and drop scheduler. Simply drag bookings onto the scheduler, and resize them as needed.

  • Quick Scheduling: Assign and adjust team schedules with ease.
  • Flexible Bookings: Resize bookings swiftly to fit project needs.
Enable Program & Porfolio Management

Create Teams of People

Use the sidebar to organize your resources into teams, departments, roles or whichever type of format suits you best. Viewing a group narrows in on just that group removing all other distractions from your view.

  • Unlimited Groups
  • Create Teams
  • Departments
  • View All People in Group Together.

Detailed Reports

Gain insights with our interactive and customizable reports. Access statistical data for individuals, projects, and portfolios. Plus, conveniently export these reports in various file formats.

  • Interactive Reporting: Access data for individuals, projects, and portfolios.
  • Exportable Reports: Generate reports in multiple formats for convenient sharing and analysis.
ProScheduler - Project management, Gantt chart, Timesheet for Jira - Teamboard
Gantt chart, Timeline for Jira

Gantt Chart, Timeline for Jira

Experience enhanced project management in Jira with our visually appealing Gantt charts and timeline features. Improve your planning and tracking of projects, programs, and portfolios.

  • Gantt Charts: Visualize project timelines and track progress effectively.
  • Timelines: Manage your programs and portfolios with a clear, chronological view.

Discover Our Gantt Chart and Timeline Features

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