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Task Management for Jira

Manage multiple tasks and team members in one place. Easily schedule and visualize tasks on the board for enhanced task management in Jira.
Task Management for Jira

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Task Management for Jira is Easy with TeamBoard

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Task Planning

Visualize task planning & scheduling on the board

Task Management

Arrange and manage tasks for each member

Progress Tracking

Timeline and Gantt chart for project overview

Time Tracking

Schedule time for specific tasks and tracking

How TeamBoard Help with Effective Task Management for Jira?

Task Management for Jira
Manage leave request for Jira

Task planning directly on the schedule board

Create tasks and sub-tasks easily with just a click and assign them to multiple members. Manage activity on the board and change status sync with Jira issue.

Task management for projects

Create and visualize tasks on the calendar view, and track the workload to optimize resource allocation. Easily assign tasks and projects based on the capacity hours and availability of employees.

Workload overview- c
Project timeline management for Jira

Track project timeline & progress with Gantt Chart

Detail with issue tables, provide a comprehensive overview of each task, including statuses, assignees, and deadlines. Allow set milestones, establish baselines, identify critical paths, and enable auto-scheduling for projects.

Detail report for comprehensive tracking

Set due dates and capacity for each task, provide an overview of the time to complete each task, and compare with scheduled time to adjust resources for projects effectively.

Project resource management for Jira


Project Portfolio Management

Integrates with Multiple Platforms

Integrates seamlessly with Atlassian,, and Salesforce environments and offers a centralized platform for managing tasks, projects, and resources effectively.

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