Resource Planning for Jira

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ProScheduler - Resource Planning Solution for Jira

Resource Planning for Jira

  • See the big picture! Gain insights into each team member’s tasks, availability, and current workload at a glance.
  • Easily create tasks within Jira and assign them ensuring balanced workload distribution.
  • For each Jira issue, track the actual logged time and compare it against the scheduled time.
Project management, Gantt chart, Timesheet for Jira - Teamboard
Teamboard ProScheduler - Drag&drop to plan

Drag & drop to plan

  • Easily locate specific Jira issues with the integrated search function.
  • Streamline task planning by simply dragging and dropping issues into your desired schedule slots.

Resize card to adjust plan

  • Adjust task durations or deadlines with a simple resizing of the card, ensuring flexibility in real-time planning.
  • The drag & drop interface provides a clear visual representation of task distribution, making adjustments and re-scheduling a breeze.
Teamboard ProScheduler - Resize to plan
Teamboard ProScheduler - Resize to plan

Workload Overview

  • Access a comprehensive snapshot of your team’s current tasks, upcoming deadlines, and overall work distribution.
  • Visual charts and graphs depict workload intensity, helping managers quickly identify peaks and lulls.
  • Stay updated with live data feeds, ensuring managers are working with the most current workload information.

Rich Reports

  • Generate in-depth reports tailored for projects, programs, or individuals, accommodating varied managerial needs.
  • Display time logs in visually appealing charts and graphs, simplifying data interpretation and showcasing trends or anomalies.
ProScheduler - Project management, Gantt chart, Timesheet for Jira - Teamboard
ProScheduler - Project management, Gantt chart, Timesheet for Jira - Teamboard

Customizable Filters

  • Narrow down workload data to specific projects, helping managers focus on particular initiatives and their associated tasks.
  • Choose to view workload over daily, weekly, monthly, or custom timeframes, aiding in short-term task management or long-term strategic planning.

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