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Rates Management

Our Rates Management feature lets you easily control billing rates for individual resources, groups, or entire projects and portfolios.

  • Individual-Resource Rate: Set distinct rates for each team member, considering their roles and skills.
  • Group Resource Rate: Manage a standard rate for teams with similar roles.
  • Project/Portfolio Rate: Assign varying rates depending on project complexity.

Our Cost Management tools allow you to monitor budgets and costs in real time, helping you stay on track financially.

TimePlanner Rates Management
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Cost planning

You can specify costs while planning tasks and assigning resources, bringing more accuracy and clarity to your project budget.

  • Task-Based Cost Planning: Assign an estimated cost to each task, considering resources needed and the task’s complexity. This allows for a granular view of your project’s budget, helping manage expenses efficiently.
  • Resource-Based Cost Planning: When assigning resources to tasks, you can specify the cost for each resource. This way, you’re not only balancing workloads but also managing the financial aspect of task allocation.

Cost Reports

TeamBoard offers detailed cost reports that give you insights into your spending patterns for individuals, teams, clients, or entire projects.

  • Individual Cost Reports: Get a detailed view of each team member’s contribution to project expenses. This can help optimize future resource allocation.
  • Team Cost Reports: Understand how your teams are spending their budgets. This information can highlight areas where efficiencies can be improved.
  • Client Cost Reports: Generate client-specific reports to track costs associated with each client’s projects. This is helpful for billing and future price negotiations.
  • Project Cost Reports: Get a comprehensive view of where your project budget is being used. This helps ensure your project stays on track financially.
TimePlanner Cost Report
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