Project Management for Jira

Project Management for Jira. Mastering Project Management

Resource Dashboard for Jira

Timeline, Assignees and more insights about your Project

Project Management for Jira

  • Centralize every project detail from tasks, documents, to team collaborations, providing a singular platform for all project activities.
  • Stay updated with the latest changes, ensuring that the entire team is aligned and working from the most recent data.
  • Foster a collaborative environment where team members can easily communicate, share insights, and collectively drive the project forward.
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Advanced Project Planning & Scheduling

  • Easily assign and reassign tasks based on evolving project needs, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  • Visualize tasks, milestones, and dependencies in a calendar format, allowing for easy timeline adjustments.
  • Team members can simultaneously contribute to the scheduling process, promoting inclusivity and comprehensive planning

Visualize, Organize, Optimize

  • See the flow of your project from start to finish, clearly demarcating phases, tasks, and completion percentages.
  • Highlight key project milestones on the timeline, providing teams with clear checkpoints to aim for and celebrate upon completion.
  • Present all task and project deadlines in a singular view, making it easier for teams to prioritize and manage their workloads.
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Time Tracking, Timesheets

  • Encourage team members to consistently log hours, ensuring accurate time tracking for every task.
  • Compare forecasted time from the resource scheduler with actual time logs to identify discrepancies and optimize planning.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of team efficiency and areas of improvement by analyzing time metrics and variances.

Time Tracking for Jira

Resource Time Reports

Resource Time Reports

  • Eliminate manual entries, simply resize the task card to instantly log time, making time tracking a breeze.
  • Generate detailed time logs and reports tailored for individual tasks, overarching projects, or specific programs, ensuring comprehensive oversight.
  • Assess each team member’s time utilization, promoting accountability and enabling targeted feedback.
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Vacation & Leave

  • Team members can effortlessly schedule and view time-off directly on the scheduler, promoting clarity and preventing scheduling conflicts.
  • Utilize intuitive request forms for vacation or annual leave, ensuring a standardized process and quick approvals.
  • Managers can review, approve, or address leave requests from a single interface, simplifying leave management and coordination.

Resource Dashboard

  • Access a snapshot of each resource’s tasks, availability, skills, and performance metrics all in one place.
  • Stay informed with real-time data feeds on the dashboard, ensuring up-to-date insights for agile decision-making.
Resource Dashboard for Jira
Project management, Gantt chart, Timesheet for Jira - Teamboard

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