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Resource management, capacity planning and project management for
TeamBoard for helps plan resource like a breeze

Resource planning

With Teamboard Resource planning, users can visualize and allocate their
team’s resources efficiently.

  • Efficient Allocation: Visualize your team’s resources for better distribution and utilization.
  • Workload Overview: Gain insights into your team’s workload for informed decision-making.

Easy to plan

Simplify your planning with TeamBoard’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Assign tasks and projects to team members effortlessly, ensuring a balanced workload distribution.

  • Intuitive Task Assignment: Allocate tasks and projects to team members easily with drag-and-drop.
  • Balanced Workloads: Ensure a clear and equitable distribution of tasks among your team.
Visualize and plan task easily
See the big picture with TeamBoard for

See the big picture

TeamBoard’s Resource Planning provides valuable insights into resource availability, aiding managers in identifying potential bottlenecks or resource constraints ahead of time.

  • Insightful Availability Check: Get clear visibility into resource availability.
  • Proactive Bottleneck Identification: Spot potential constraints and bottlenecks in advance.

Integrate with

Integrates with other aspects of, such as People,
Timelines, Calendars, and Task management, and provide a holistic view of projects and resources. marketplace partner

TeamBoard for Features

Project management

Project management empowers managers to oversee their projects effectively.

Resource Planning

Resource Planning helps managers optimize their workforce and workload distribution.

Drag & Drop

Schedule tasks seamlessly with the drag and drop feature.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking lets managers monitor hours spent on tasks accurately.

Support All UI Modes

Choose a UI mode that works for you for enhanced workflow and productivity.


Additional features include leave and vacation management, risk management, workload distribution, comprehensive reporting, team boards, and scheduling,…

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